Car Booking Service

Car booking has always been relevant for company vehicles carrying various values. For example, cars of collectors. But despite the fact that this is a complicated and not the cheapest procedure, passenger cars for personal use are also booked. Each car owner has his own reasons for that, but is it worth saying that an armored car is in every sense much safer than its non-armored counterpart?

Booking a car body is not an easy process, which is why the cost of such a service is quite high. As well as the purchase of a “finished” armored vehicle from the manufacturer. Since armor weighs a lot, not every vehicle is suitable for booking. On average, after booking, the weight of the car increases 2 or even 3 times. However, car glass booking is possible regardless of the type of car.

Booking a car body is not an easy process, which is why the cost of such a service is quite high. As well as the purchase of a “finished” armored vehicle from the manufacturer. Since armor weighs a lot, not every vehicle is suitable for booking. On average, after booking, the weight of the car increases 2 or even 3 times. However, car glass booking is possible regardless of the type of car.

Car Booking Protection Levels

The armor that is available for cars has its own classes or levels. From the very “basic” B1, which means an ordinary passenger car without any armor, to the B12, which is rarely found within the city, since such armor can withstand any caliber, a mine explosion or a grenade.

The remaining levels of protection of the car’s booking are as follows:

B2 is the most “basic” level of protection, which is enough to protect the cabin from several bullets from a conventional pistol;

  • B3 – slightly more durable protection, which also protects against bullets with a steel core;
  • Armor level B4 will protect vehicles from pistol bullets with a 45-caliber (from a distance of three meters);
  • B5 can withstand short-term shooting from an M-16 rifle (from a distance of 10 m);
  • B6 protects against firing from a machine gun (for example, AK-47) from a distance of 10 m. B6 is the most used and widespread degree of car booking;
  • B7 withstands rifle fire and fragmentation grenades.

Car Body And Glass Armoring

Since the protective shell in most cases is created from the inside of the car, the car must be disassembled during the booking procedure. Everything that can be removed from the inside – panels, upholstery, cladding, and so on – is removed and all cavities are filled with metal. Depending on the chosen protection level, the metal may differ.

The simplest option is sheet metal, with Kevlar or ballistic nylon for high-level armor. Some seemingly insignificant elements are also reserved – for example, door hinges. This is necessary so that the door remains in place and does not warp under the significantly increased weight. In addition to metal, ballistic fabrics with aramid fibers are also used to arm the ceiling and floor.

As for the armoring of the car windshield and all other glasses, polycarbonate is used for this. Or lead glass for a higher degree of protection. The thickness also varies with the degree of booking. For example, for grade B2, armored glass will have a thickness of 2 cm, but for level B7 it will already be up to 5 cm. Shooting at glass of maximum thickness is practically useless.

It would seem that the most vulnerable part of an armored car is its wheels. Nevertheless, the tires on armored cars are distinguished only by more reinforced sidewalls, and the wheel itself is equipped with a supporting component. Thus, a car can travel on “punctured” wheels for about 50 kilometers. Another option is to equip the inside of the wheel with a special polymer ring, which, in the event of a breakdown, allows the car to cover another 90 kilometers.

Vehicle Production And Booking

Security is what comes to the fore today. Absolutely in any area. Including in the field of automotive. Designers equip modern cars, for example, with different sensors that “see” a hindrance behind the driver in the “blind zone”, which themselves stop the car if a pedestrian suddenly appears a few meters ahead of it, and so on. But this is one level of security. And there is another. Higher order. This is when the car becomes invulnerable from the effects of any external factors, including bullets. It’s about booking a vehicle.


Of course, the manufacturer has its own service center. They provide all the necessary range of services. This is the repair and maintenance of “armored vehicles” of each of the vehicle manufacturers on the market today.

So, for example, you can there:

  • Replace bulletproof glass with a new one
  • Repair or reinforce the chassis of the vehicle
  • Make repairs or install a reinforced braking system
  • Install new glass lifters
  • Repair or replace obsolete door hinges
  • Replace wheel inserts
  • Service the car in accordance with the maintenance plan
  • Install additional hardware
  • The most important thing to remember is that only professionals can perform all these operations. Such specialists work in the RIDA service center. This is what guarantees the safe use and trouble-free operation of an armored vehicle, the owner of which you are or are just going to purchase.

Every Russian driver has a lot of reasons to think about applying vinyl, liquid rubber and other protective films to his car. From time immemorial, “colonies of flying stones” await us on the track, which regularly gather abundant harvest thanks to those who like to grab on the side of the road, and in the city there are accidental injuries in parking lots, in the face of wide-open doors and “light” collisions, to which the guilty for some reason are in no hurry pay attention.

“Traces of urban exploitation ” will turn a new car into a “tired animal” after a year of regular use. Yes, and rare trips, alas, do not save: for each new detail there is a “unsuccessfully reclining” one. The protective layer of transparent film often copes with such adversity.

The problem lies in the mechanism of application and the quality of the coating itself. The fact is that you can glue the film only on parts that do not have even the slightest damage. A tiny chip, an invisible scratch will instantly lead to rust and further destruction of the part: a plastic bumper is threatened in the worst case by a bubble on the film, but the hood or fender will react with rust to an artificial “greenhouse” in a matter of weeks.

The second “circle of hell” is preparation for pasting. The car must not only be washed, but also treated with special compounds before molding the protection. This is a long and painstaking work that requires not only attention and accuracy, but also certain skills. Parts must be removed, and then installed back.

For the sake of speeding up the process and reducing costs, offices are often neglected, the methodology is violated. And the client, instead of improving, gets a damaged car . The solution to this question lies in the price: high quality cannot be cheap. But the love of “saving on matches” is so deeply rooted in the blood that it is impossible to resist it. And the owner of a brand new car takes him to the “handicraftsmen”. Curtain.

The third and perhaps most important item on the list is the quality of the film itself. The domestic market is saturated with offers, and the price starts at 700 rubles per running meter! A really standing film costs 7 times more – at least 5,000 rubles for a similar “cut”.

And here the car owner is required not only generosity, but also control: trust, but check . Some rolls can be unpacked, and completely different ones can be glued. As a result, the film will begin to swell and deform in the sun, and the eternally hot hood will be covered with “snake skin”, which can sometimes be peeled off even with paint. Let us recall, by the way, that for painting the hood the master requires, as for two parts!

Car Booking With Foil

What Parts Of The Car Can Be Processed?

Armor film can be used to protect the entire vehicle body or to cover its individual elements. The price in the latter case will be lower, so customers often ask to process only those parts and surfaces that are most affected by external influences. The design features of the car, as well as the conditions of its operation, are taken into account.

The company “SOLARTEK” reserves with foil all the main components of the car:

roof and hood (in both cases – completely or only in front);

external and internal thresholds;

bumpers and fenders;

wheel arches front and rear, racks;

mirrors, optics, surfaces under door handles.

It is possible to apply armor film even to geometrically complex parts and embossed elements of a car. Due to its elasticity, it has a damping capacity, absorbing the shock load when solid objects hit the body part. Its declared performance does not decrease over several seasons.

If necessary, the booking film can be easily removed from the car body. There are no traces left after it, the dismantling process does not require special skills.

What Are The Benefits Of Booking A Car With A Protective Film?

The material is resistant to chemical, abrasion, and ultraviolet radiation. It is neutral with respect to paintwork, completely invisible and environmentally friendly. After booking with a film, the car body will be invulnerable to many external influences, including:

  • flying road debris, gravel, insects;
  • scratches left by roadside plants;
  • sandblasting effect, consequences of minor accidents, etc.
  • Booking a car with foil is a process that consists of several stages. First, the surfaces to be treated are washed and dried. Then the material is cut into pieces corresponding to the configuration and size of the parts to be glued. After that, specialists apply it using a squeegee and other special tools. The final stage is checking the film coating for completeness and tightness, the absence of air bubbles, crushing, peeling and other defects. All work is guaranteed.

Whole Body Booking Process

  • Five reasons to become our client
  • We know the intricacies of working with polyurethane;
  • We act as carefully as possible, ensuring the safety of the original coating;
  • We carry out all procedures quickly – we value the client’s time;
  • We carry out booking of individual elements: car glass, headlights, hood or The entire body ;
  • Each client is individual for us.
  • Polyurethane armor protected the headlights
  • Package offers and prices

The price for booking a car with a film consists of several parameters: the type of coverage, its area and the complexity of the work. However, thanks to our commercial policy and work optimization, you get quality service and great prices.

Share Car Management

Shared car management includes the management and maintenance of your shared car. We check your vehicles for damage and keep an eye on exactly when a service is required.

Shared cars can usually be picked up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We ensure that this logistics process runs smoothly. We move the cars so that your customer always has easy and simple access.

Total unburdening with shared car management

The management of your fleet takes a lot of time. Autoreset is happy to take over these actions for you. We unburden you as a customer in a broad way. We take full control, so you no longer have to worry about:

Planning & administration:

If necessary, we will park the car in a secure parking lot.

Cleaning of the interior and exterior of the cars

Periodic inspection

Maintenance and repair (including MOT)

We can offer you all these services at a fixed price. Well-known car-sharing providers such as Car2Go, Greenwheels and Ioniq have already preceded you. Would you like to know what we can do for you? 

To become a customer?

Looking for a reliable and affordable driver for your job? Many organizations preceded you and have chosen to work with Autoreset.

After conversations with our customers, it appears that they choose us because of:

Flexibility : 

Autoreset has access to a very large pool of drivers throughout the Netherlands, so we can respond quickly and accurately to your wishes.

Reliability :

Thanks to our automation, all your requests are recorded and executed in the correct time and manner. Autoreset carries out an average of 250,000 transport orders per year thanks to all its customers. All our temporary employees work with the Autoreset app, in which all the necessary information is collected. 

No minimum purchase obligation : 

This makes it easy to use Autoreset in addition to own resources.

No employment risks : 

The employees of Autoreset fall under the NBBU temporary employment contract . Autoreset can take over your ‘own’ on-call forces and include them in a pool of drivers.

Customized management information and invoicing : 

You will receive a specified invoice per transport or request stating: date, pick-up and delivery location, registration number and (own) order number.

We always deliver custom work, in which we articulate your specific wishes and requirements in a service level agreement. 

Autoreset is located in Hoofddorp. We would like to invite you for a visit or visit you. May we greet you as a new customer?

Become a driver at Autoreset

“Sitting still is not for me, so after my retirement I wanted to have something to do. That is why I started as a driver at Autoreset two years ago. Besides that I have a nice extra income with this, I come into contact with different people. Together with my colleagues, I ensure that our customers are and remain mobile. I have already been able to make hundreds of people happy with a new (lease) car. ” Peter, 69.

Are you like Peter and is sitting still not for you? Autoreset offers a fun way to keep busy and earn some extra at the same time. Perhaps you have a distant vacation in mind with your husband or wife, or are planning a new hobby. You can specify when you want to work, that way you will also have enough time for other things.

Want to read more about the work and what makes it so fun, please read here the interview with two of our esteemed drivers.

Would you like to read more about the activities? Check them out here .

Do you have a bus or truck driver’s license? Autoreset is always looking for drivers with a large driver’s license.

Deliver, Pick Up Or Drop Off A Car? Choose Flexible Drivers For Car Transport

Car dealers, maintenance companies and leasing companies are increasingly responding to the wishes of their customers. Offering collection and delivery services or the delivery of new cars are examples of this. With the deployment of flexible drivers for car transport you are assured of efficient service.

One Call And You Can Get On With Your Precious Time

The delivery, collection or delivery of cars takes a lot of time for dealers. Due to the irregularity, the deployment of our own people is also not very efficient. The Jeeves pick-up and delivery service completely relieves car companies, so that they can focus on their core activity. Jeeves with drivers for car transport is also available for temporary support during busy periods.

Services You Can Count On

Jeeves senior drivers are professional, friendly and proactive towards the customer. They take care of the logistics, which is arranged online, and, if desired, provide explanations for the delivery of the car. As a flexible extension of your business, they exceed your customer’s expectations when delivering, collecting or returning the car.

Car Drivers And Truck Drivers Wanted

Autoreset has started to carry out car transports. As our driver vacancies show, we are still looking for enthusiastic drivers who want to move passenger cars, collect end-of-contract cars from a leasing company and drop off rental cars. Due to the various activities, a job at Autoreset always remains varied. Another part of our driver vacancies focuses on truck and bus transport. For this we need drivers with specific driving licenses. Move empty buses and trucks to a depot, inspection or conversion station. We would also like to meet you if you have experience with two- or three-loaders. We are happy to build on your years of experience and knowledge to provide our customers with the professionalism, punctuality and reliability they expect.  

Vacancies For Courier And Shuttle Service

Autoreset also has driver vacancies for performing courier and shuttle services. As a courier you work at fixed times for dealerships, car parts wholesalers and pharmacies. You move goods and medicines with a customer’s delivery van. The advantage of courier work is a clear time division. You inform us of your working hours in advance, after which we draw up a schedule that we discuss with you. This way you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises. As a shuttle service, you render a service to the customers and employees of your clients by taking them to their work or appointment. You take the employees to the right place in a 9-person bus. This way you are busy all day with social work and you can still work independently. View all our driver vacancies near:

Car Transport

The core activity of Autoreset consists of transporting passenger cars by road. By combining transport orders from multiple customers, the national coverage of our drivers, skilled planners and an efficient planning system, we can carry out transports at a competitive fixed price. One transport order can be purchased on the basis of a kilometer scale for a fixed fare, a national fixed fare or based on the number of hours worked. 

Flexible And Fast Service

All requests that we receive the day before are guaranteed to be executed the next day at the desired time. In addition, we are uniquely placed to complete urgent requests on the day itself. We can also agree on delivery guarantees, depending on your wishes.

Truck And Bus Transport

Several links are required before a commercial vehicle is ready for the specialist task for which it was purchased. This usually means that the vehicle has to be moved several times from one location to another, for example from the workshop to the inspection station. We take care of this process entirely.

We work for many importers in combination with their dealer network, for which we carry out the following activities, for example:

RDW Inspections

Support with introductions, central occasion shows

Pick up and return services for repair and maintenance

Experienced Drivers With Driving License C / D

Autoreset employs truck drivers with years of experience. We have a pool of bus drivers for major bus companies. A number of these drivers are in possession of a driver’s pass and / or medibus pass and are therefore also used for passenger transport. Other bus drivers are used to change buses for repair, maintenance or conversion work.