Vehicle Production And Booking

Security is what comes to the fore today. Absolutely in any area. Including in the field of automotive. Designers equip modern cars, for example, with different sensors that “see” a hindrance behind the driver in the “blind zone”, which themselves stop the car if a pedestrian suddenly appears a few meters ahead of it, and so on. But this is one level of security. And there is another. Higher order. This is when the car becomes invulnerable from the effects of any external factors, including bullets. It’s about booking a vehicle.


Of course, the manufacturer has its own service center. They provide all the necessary range of services. This is the repair and maintenance of “armored vehicles” of each of the vehicle manufacturers on the market today.

So, for example, you can there:

  • Replace bulletproof glass with a new one
  • Repair or reinforce the chassis of the vehicle
  • Make repairs or install a reinforced braking system
  • Install new glass lifters
  • Repair or replace obsolete door hinges
  • Replace wheel inserts
  • Service the car in accordance with the maintenance plan
  • Install additional hardware
  • The most important thing to remember is that only professionals can perform all these operations. Such specialists work in the RIDA service center. This is what guarantees the safe use and trouble-free operation of an armored vehicle, the owner of which you are or are just going to purchase.

Every Russian driver has a lot of reasons to think about applying vinyl, liquid rubber and other protective films to his car. From time immemorial, “colonies of flying stones” await us on the track, which regularly gather abundant harvest thanks to those who like to grab on the side of the road, and in the city there are accidental injuries in parking lots, in the face of wide-open doors and “light” collisions, to which the guilty for some reason are in no hurry pay attention.

“Traces of urban exploitation ” will turn a new car into a “tired animal” after a year of regular use. Yes, and rare trips, alas, do not save: for each new detail there is a “unsuccessfully reclining” one. The protective layer of transparent film often copes with such adversity.

The problem lies in the mechanism of application and the quality of the coating itself. The fact is that you can glue the film only on parts that do not have even the slightest damage. A tiny chip, an invisible scratch will instantly lead to rust and further destruction of the part: a plastic bumper is threatened in the worst case by a bubble on the film, but the hood or fender will react with rust to an artificial “greenhouse” in a matter of weeks.

The second “circle of hell” is preparation for pasting. The car must not only be washed, but also treated with special compounds before molding the protection. This is a long and painstaking work that requires not only attention and accuracy, but also certain skills. Parts must be removed, and then installed back.

For the sake of speeding up the process and reducing costs, offices are often neglected, the methodology is violated. And the client, instead of improving, gets a damaged car . The solution to this question lies in the price: high quality cannot be cheap. But the love of “saving on matches” is so deeply rooted in the blood that it is impossible to resist it. And the owner of a brand new car takes him to the “handicraftsmen”. Curtain.

The third and perhaps most important item on the list is the quality of the film itself. The domestic market is saturated with offers, and the price starts at 700 rubles per running meter! A really standing film costs 7 times more – at least 5,000 rubles for a similar “cut”.

And here the car owner is required not only generosity, but also control: trust, but check . Some rolls can be unpacked, and completely different ones can be glued. As a result, the film will begin to swell and deform in the sun, and the eternally hot hood will be covered with “snake skin”, which can sometimes be peeled off even with paint. Let us recall, by the way, that for painting the hood the master requires, as for two parts!