Transportation Process

Share Car Management

Shared car management includes the management and maintenance of your shared car. We check your vehicles for damage and keep an eye on exactly when a service is required.

Shared cars can usually be picked up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We ensure that this logistics process runs smoothly. We move the cars so that your customer always has easy and simple access.

Total unburdening with shared car management

The management of your fleet takes a lot of time. Autoreset is happy to take over these actions for you. We unburden you as a customer in a broad way. We take full control, so you no longer have to worry about:

Planning & administration:

If necessary, we will park the car in a secure parking lot.

Cleaning of the interior and exterior of the cars

Periodic inspection

Maintenance and repair (including MOT)

We can offer you all these services at a fixed price. Well-known car-sharing providers such as Car2Go, Greenwheels and Ioniq have already preceded you. Would you like to know what we can do for you? 

To become a customer?

Looking for a reliable and affordable driver for your job? Many organizations preceded you and have chosen to work with Autoreset.

After conversations with our customers, it appears that they choose us because of:

Flexibility : 

Autoreset has access to a very large pool of drivers throughout the Netherlands, so we can respond quickly and accurately to your wishes.

Reliability :

Thanks to our automation, all your requests are recorded and executed in the correct time and manner. Autoreset carries out an average of 250,000 transport orders per year thanks to all its customers. All our temporary employees work with the Autoreset app, in which all the necessary information is collected. 

No minimum purchase obligation : 

This makes it easy to use Autoreset in addition to own resources.

No employment risks : 

The employees of Autoreset fall under the NBBU temporary employment contract . Autoreset can take over your ‘own’ on-call forces and include them in a pool of drivers.

Customized management information and invoicing : 

You will receive a specified invoice per transport or request stating: date, pick-up and delivery location, registration number and (own) order number.

We always deliver custom work, in which we articulate your specific wishes and requirements in a service level agreement. 

Autoreset is located in Hoofddorp. We would like to invite you for a visit or visit you. May we greet you as a new customer?

Become a driver at Autoreset

“Sitting still is not for me, so after my retirement I wanted to have something to do. That is why I started as a driver at Autoreset two years ago. Besides that I have a nice extra income with this, I come into contact with different people. Together with my colleagues, I ensure that our customers are and remain mobile. I have already been able to make hundreds of people happy with a new (lease) car. ” Peter, 69.

Are you like Peter and is sitting still not for you? Autoreset offers a fun way to keep busy and earn some extra at the same time. Perhaps you have a distant vacation in mind with your husband or wife, or are planning a new hobby. You can specify when you want to work, that way you will also have enough time for other things.

Want to read more about the work and what makes it so fun, please read here the interview with two of our esteemed drivers.

Would you like to read more about the activities? Check them out here .

Do you have a bus or truck driver’s license? Autoreset is always looking for drivers with a large driver’s license.