Car Booking With Foil

What Parts Of The Car Can Be Processed?

Armor film can be used to protect the entire vehicle body or to cover its individual elements. The price in the latter case will be lower, so customers often ask to process only those parts and surfaces that are most affected by external influences. The design features of the car, as well as the conditions of its operation, are taken into account.

The company “SOLARTEK” reserves with foil all the main components of the car:

roof and hood (in both cases – completely or only in front);

external and internal thresholds;

bumpers and fenders;

wheel arches front and rear, racks;

mirrors, optics, surfaces under door handles.

It is possible to apply armor film even to geometrically complex parts and embossed elements of a car. Due to its elasticity, it has a damping capacity, absorbing the shock load when solid objects hit the body part. Its declared performance does not decrease over several seasons.

If necessary, the booking film can be easily removed from the car body. There are no traces left after it, the dismantling process does not require special skills.

What Are The Benefits Of Booking A Car With A Protective Film?

The material is resistant to chemical, abrasion, and ultraviolet radiation. It is neutral with respect to paintwork, completely invisible and environmentally friendly. After booking with a film, the car body will be invulnerable to many external influences, including:

  • flying road debris, gravel, insects;
  • scratches left by roadside plants;
  • sandblasting effect, consequences of minor accidents, etc.
  • Booking a car with foil is a process that consists of several stages. First, the surfaces to be treated are washed and dried. Then the material is cut into pieces corresponding to the configuration and size of the parts to be glued. After that, specialists apply it using a squeegee and other special tools. The final stage is checking the film coating for completeness and tightness, the absence of air bubbles, crushing, peeling and other defects. All work is guaranteed.

Whole Body Booking Process

  • Five reasons to become our client
  • We know the intricacies of working with polyurethane;
  • We act as carefully as possible, ensuring the safety of the original coating;
  • We carry out all procedures quickly – we value the client’s time;
  • We carry out booking of individual elements: car glass, headlights, hood or The entire body ;
  • Each client is individual for us.
  • Polyurethane armor protected the headlights
  • Package offers and prices

The price for booking a car with a film consists of several parameters: the type of coverage, its area and the complexity of the work. However, thanks to our commercial policy and work optimization, you get quality service and great prices.